We are a one-stop human capital solution focused on hiring foreign workers for your business’ needs. This includes recruitment for executive-level, skilled and mid-level skilled positions.

We source for foreign workers who match exactly with your expectations and requirements, and partner with a very strong network of overseas counterparts who work with us closely to monitor and maintain stringent standards of manpower.

Our network extends beyond the region, drawing on resources from a wide spectrum. We are able to recruit foreign workers from Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and more.

We specialize in the mass recruitment of foreign workers for the Construction and Manufacturing industries.

Post-selection Support

Hiring someone can be a huge hassle, and that includes all the necessary paperwork needing to be completed, orientation, training and more. To ease the employee into the position and cut down on time used for administrative tasks, we provide the following services:

  • Completion of Ministry Of Manpower formalities and related tasks
  • Assisting employer in settling workers into their jobs
  • Provision of one-week orientation for all workers
  • Feedback and counselling for foreign workers
  • Recommendation for training and development programmes

Post-hire Support

Even after you have hired the employee, MAK Consulting Pte Ltd will continue to provide support and assistance to your company in the following aspects:

  • Mandatory course completion by employee (MOM requirement)
  • Mandatory insurance coverage for employee
  • Medical issues (including workplace accidents)
  • Completion of administrative tasks pertaining to government authorities such as BCS, ICA etc.

Resolution of Potential Disputes

Sometimes, employers inevitably run into disputes with the employee. As a full service recruitment consultancy, our services also include providing assistance in resolving such disputes. These disputes can be caused by:

  • Employer experiencing difficulty due to differences in working culture between the employer and foreign employee
  • Foreign employee experiencing difficulty in adapting to Singapore’s culture and working environment

Our staff is highly capable of resolving disputes, so our clients can lay their worries about their foreign employee to rest.

  • Our staff who is of the same nationality as the foreign employee will be able to communicate to reconcile any differences or manage any problems
  • We also rope in our sourcing counterpart recruiters in foreign countries from which the employee comes from

You can give us a call to enquire more about our services.