Why Choose MAK

MAK Consulting Pte Ltd functions on the meticulous selection of foreign workers across all industries in an efficient manner, so that:

  • Your recruitment needs are met in the shortest amount of time
  • Your productivity is maximised by recruiting suitable workers
  • Your employment turnover rate is reduced with an efficient team

We act as a dedicated platform between employers and employees, and reduce the hassle in hiring foreign workers for your business. 

Additional Services:

  • Provide orientation for adapting foreign workers to Singapore
  • Advise employers on training and skill development for foreign workers
  • Process of paperwork pertaining to all matters related to recruitment of foreign workers
  • Support employers in worker issues throughout the employment period of a worker recruited through our services
  • Arrange for employer to meet face-to-face with a selection of employees overseas within a short amount of time.
  • Catering to mass recruitment of workers in Construction and Manufacturing industries

MAK advises our clients to make reasonable efforts to hire on merit, develop Singaporean workers and have a grievance handling process, in line with Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. We ensure that our clients consider Singaporean/PR candidates for a vacancy before initiating foreign worker sourcing activity.

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