MAK Consulting Pte Ltd.

The Team

The MAK Consulting Pte Ltd team is developed with one goal in mind: to be an excellent recruitment company that specializes in recruitment process like pre and post-recruitment services to clients across (in several) industries.


  • R Kannan, Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the IT, logistics and warehousing industries at various managerial roles, R. Kannan is the founder and CEO of MAK Consulting Pte Ltd.

He has served a sizeable number of small and medium enterprises around Singapore across all industries, and is responsible for expanding the recruitment capabilities of MAK Consulting Pte Ltd to serve larger enterprises and MNCs.

He holds a degree in Mathematics from Madurai Kamaraj University, and his rich work experience in several countries has enriched his knowledge of business processes and broadened his business vision.


    The Marketing team is centred on developing and strategizing our company’s growth and direction. It manages existing client accounts, and develops lasting relationships that will prove beneficial to both parties.

    The team is also in charge of client prospecting, and expanding our client base with the support of Digital Marketing tools like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and etc,.

    Client Relations

    Our Client Relations department is highly capable in understanding exactly the client’s requirement. They are trained to be adept at understanding a job description in its entirety, which means knowing exactly what skills are required to take on the job, and the amount of experience required.

    As communication is important at MAK Consulting Pte Ltd, the team is trained in explaining the pointers above with ease to our sourcing counterpart agents in foreign countries.

    Their tasks include receiving resumes from our overseas counterparts, short-listing of suitable candidates using various selection processes, and advising the employers (post-recruitment) on available training programs for employees.

    Employee Relations

    Our Employee Relations team is skilled in providing orientation programmes for newly arriving foreign workers.

    These orientation programmes help the Professionals, Technicians, Skilled and Basic-Skilled workers to settle down in Singapore by:

    • Making sure they have proper accommodation
    • Aiding them in pre-employment tasks like opening bank accounts, conversion of licenses, filing for income tax returns and other activities
    • Advising them on career advancement paths available in Singapore

    Do you have a question for our team? Feel free to leave us a message here.